Alwan wa Awtar has cooperated with Mini Medina from its origin, by lending their space for the executing of the Mini city, and by providing their facilitators as facilitators for Mini Medina. Most importantly, they have recognized the efforts of Mini Medina, and encouraged the organizing team to continue replicating the project nation wide.  














During the first Mini Medina we collected some of the children’s reflections:

We’ve made some cars with wheels, others we’ve made to be able to fly, because we want Egypt to have flying cars. I wish we didn’t have so many square buildings, I wish we had more beautiful shapes for the buildings. We also built a police station so anyone who broke the law would get punished”.

We made a hospital in which we hoped all treatments would be available, unlike the government hospitals we have in Egypt that neglect patients. Having them lie on the floor, and giving them expired medicine and contaminated blood. We’ve made ambulances to reach anyone in need of help”.


March 2014 alwan wa awtar


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