Support us!

We have worked, we have built, this is to show you that our project is meaningful … However, now we need your help to continue! We are ready to work more, but … unfortunately the mini-medina money is nothing but paper in real life – and we have emptied our pockets.


Support us through our crowdfunding campaign in Betterplace


To play more, and train the needed facilitators, we need a total of EUR 8,100.

OUR COSTS that we need to cover:

1- one day mini-medina model: once a month edition for the year to come will cost EUR 1,500.- (including per diem)

2- play the city mini-medina model: one week craft city will cost EUR 1,500.-

3- establishing and curating the Alternative Education network: EUR 500.-

4- establishing and curating the interactive online platform for children: EUR 500.-

5- training workshop for Egyptian facilitators in Munich 2014 EUR 4,000.-

6- materials storage and workspace: rent for one year EUR 600.-

Total: EUR 8,100.-


With this first campaign we aim to raise 50% of the total cost

For the other 50% we are fundraising from various sources.

We are also contacting local organisations and institutional partners for financial and other support.



Not only we will be able to carry out the above mentioned steps, but we will be able to keep working towards developing citizenship and democracy values among Egyptian children!

Respect: towards each other and the city

Unity: to make a city look beautiful through collective work

Critical Thinking: through questioning existing structures and proposing creative ways of improvement.

Independence: by allowing for a degree of autonomy, creativity sparks and ideas are brought to life

Experimentation: how does a certain profession feel and why does s/he feel that way?

Creativity: The process of building their city allows children to imagine, fly, and dream. This will help them build an original future!



If in Egypt:

Become a facilitator!! Give Egyptian children a chance to get to know you, and yourself a chance to discover how Egyptian children want their society to be like!

Find a location for the next mini-medina… anywhere is great as long as the children want to build a city!

You would like to organize? Get in touch with us through and we will welcome you to the team

Collect recyclables and write to us! We will come to pick them up!

You want to share your profession with the children? Write to us and we will welcome you as a activity host in one of the next mini-medinas

If you want to become a volunteer for Mini-Medina, please fill out the contact form 


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