Mini Medina

Our mini-medina aims to offer children (ages 7 to 15) a mostly adult-free play environment in which they create their own version of society on a small scale with schools, government, post office, restaurants, etc.

The big difference is that the city is managed and organized by children, following in the footsteps of mini-münchen (a successful city model developed in Munich/Germany over the last 40 years).

Participation requires nothing but willingness to become actively involved and respecting rules developed by the citizens. 

We are adapting the mini-münchen model to our local circumstances:participating children imagine, then construct and inhabit a city as they want it to be, using materials they have access to. In this process, children develop a sense of ownership towards their city, strengthening their awareness on citizenship rights & responsibilities and roles while building it and living in it.

We do not give children a downsized model of the “real world” to play in but rather provide them with a safe space in which to experiment and explore alternative ways: the real world may eventually learn from the children’s experiences!

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